Is Honey Good For You? What You Need to Know

Is Honey Good For You? Best Honey For Health

Honey is an ingredient appreciated for its taste properties and its effects on winter ailments. Beyond its sweet taste, this hive product is used for its sometimes miraculous virtues. But like all natural products, you have to be able to recognize good honey to take full advantage of its virtues. In this article, I explain how to choose the best honey possible! Here are 3 tips to help you find a quality product.

In this article

1 – Choose your honey according to the benefits sought

2 – Read the label carefully to choose the best honey

3 – Consult the different customer reviews

Manuka honey, the Rolls Royce of the hive

The last word

1 – Choose your honey according to the benefits sought

Honey, whatever it is, is known for its many virtues for both the health of the skin and that of the body in general. However, there are slight variations which give honey from certain regions more or less interesting attributes for curing more specific pathologies. Overall, good honey has the following characteristics: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant.

best honey

The properties of honey for the body

It would be difficult for me to list all the flower honeys and their virtues, however, if you want to go further in your research, I advise you to read this article: choose your honey according to your pathology .

To give you only a few examples, we note that:

  • manuka honey is an excellent immune stimulant and has a strong healing power. It is also used in hospitals to promote healing and disinfect the wounds of burn victims, or to reduce the marks of an operation. It has also proven itself in the treatment of skin pathologies such as shingles .
  • thyme honey is often used to replace the traditional sugar in hot drinks. It is ideal in an infusion, in the evening, to encourage falling asleep .
  • acacia honey acts as an intestinal regulator. With its low glycemic index, it is perfectly consumable by people with diabetes .

The virtues of honey in cosmetics

You certainly know if you follow me on this blog, honey is an excellent beauty ally! Its soothing properties , stimulating and repairing make it a perfect ingredient for the skin as for the hair. Its wide field of action helps nourish, soothe and strengthen the body. In beauty care, honey can be used in different ways:

  • alone or supplemented with essential and vegetable oils
  • in a face and body cream recipe
  • added to a hair or skin care: mask, shampoo, conditioner, etc.

There are many ways to incorporate honey into a daily routine. After several uses, you will see a marked improvement in the quality of your skin. To take care of your hair, discover our best recipes for a homemade mask !

2 – Read the label carefully to choose the best honey

Whether you shop online or in store, take the time to check out this most important detail. All the essential information is there and helps you choose a quality product , with good virtues.

  • its origin: the virtues of honey come mainly from the type of flowers foraged, characteristic of particular regions. Find out where your favorite honey is produced to get a quality product.
  • its production method: favor short circuits, and why not buy it directly from the beekeeper in your region? You will be able to discover the environment in which it is made
  • the words “Mixture of EU and non-EU honeys”: beware of these honeys which contain products from different countries not necessarily respecting the standards in force in Europe . Choose honeys labeled “harvested and potted by the beekeeper”.

By following these simple rules, you maximize your chances of having better honey . If in doubt, do not hesitate to take advice from the professional of your store, or to inquire about the product if you shop online.

3 – Consult the different customer opinions

 best honey notice

If you are used to shopping on the internet, consumer feedback is a significant factor. There are strong differences in price between honeys, a variation that is not always justified by the quality of the product. On the vast majority of product sheets, you will find a “ review ” tab where you will find valuable information:

  • confirmation that the product displayed is the one shipped
  • objective consumer feedback
  • indications on efficacy and use

Do not hesitate to visit various sites, including that of the brand you covet, to read as many reviews as possible. If the majority is not positive, turn to another product.

Manuka honey: the Rolls-Royce of the hive

Although all honeys are considered to be equal, the manuka one is granted a certain superiority. Used in cosmetics, but also to treat many more serious ailments, manuka honey is presented as the treasure of the hive. These amazing virtues come from a molecule called Methylglyoxal . It gives manuka honey exceptional properties that make it one of the best honeys in the world. If you want to buy manuka honey, be careful about its composition, especially if you use it for therapeutic purposes. To make sure you have good manuka honey, look:

  • where it comes from: it must come from New Zealand
  • its composition: it must not be cut with other chemicals
  • labels: they define the power of the product

The last word

Knowing how to choose a product that is good for your body’s health is essential. Although natural, this ingredient is sometimes found mixed with more or less harmful substances for our body. With these tips, you’re sure to find the best honey around. And you, what is your favorite honey?

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