Who am I?

Good morning all !

I am Stéphanie Delarosasse.

A friend introduced me to manuka honey a little over a year than 4 years ago – It was in 2014! I have completely changed the way I take myself for myself. Manuka honey is now at the center of my meals and my skin care that I make myself!

When I discovered manuka honey, I decided to share what I know with everyone on this blog, hoping to introduce you to this superb product which is little known in France, and yet a big star in the United States. Today, ManukaMatata has become a reference in the world of well-being through plants!

At 44 years(that was in 2014 !!!) and older now, married and mother of 3 children, I have been a fan for many years of all natural solutions to take care of your body and its health.

Health and Beauty issue, my goal is above all to show that we can do without petrochemicals !

Don’t forget, Manuka Matata is above all a supportive community, so don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comments to help other readers;)

Since the beginning of this blog, I have even co-authored a book on the subject, as well as a 2nd on Castor oil! (see below)

Born from my pen, the blog has since been joined by a team of enthusiasts and nature lovers. We focus our efforts on quality content based on research and thousands of reviews and tests that allow us to advise you on the best products, being closer to our passions to offer a sincere opinion. With the help of Paul and Stéphane on the design part, Isabelle who helps us respond to your comments, and Gaëlle for writing articles, we try to bring you the best possible content;)

Stéphanie D.

Discover my books co-written with Marianne (N ° 1 for sales in “Beauty” on Amazon!)